Smart Systems LLC is a global outsourcing corporation that provides ITO and BPO resources. Our IT and business process outsourcing provides back office operational functions (WMS, TMS, ERP, IT, F&A, Etc.).

Today’s businesses encounter many challenges while setting growth goals. Every day we see more companies reduce monthly operating costs by outsourcing their operational functions. Our clients focus on their core operations.

Typically companies choose outsourcing to reduce operating costs while improving accuracy, turnaround times, and revenue. Smart Systems LLC is the solution as organizations come under more and more pressure to reduce their operational costs while increasing revenue.

Smart Systems LLC Services:

Warehouse Management Software Administration Services

Our clients like our BPO services because:

• We guaranty cost savings and are highly scaleable.
• We are driven to provide you continual process efficiencies.
• We provide the best talent pool who are easily accessible.
• We provide faster turnarounds.
• We help you focus on your core competencies.

Some of the cost-effective and quality BPO services we provide are:

Warehouse Management Software Administration Services
• Transportation Management Software
• Accounting & Bookkeeping
• AP & AR
• Expense management – Employees, Utilities, etc.,
• Payroll
• Tax Preparation
• Audits
• Inventory Management & Audits
• E-Commerce Catalog management
• Financial Reporting & Analysis
• Budgets and periodic variance analysis
• Strategic Planning

We also provide functional & technical expertise in delivery of cloud ERP solutions (Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, etc.). Everyone in our management and technical teams have at least 20 years of experience delivering quality projects to SMB and Enterprise customers from diverse industries.

We help companies with smooth implementations of supply chain and ERP software. Our clients find that we help reduce operating costs while meeting customized requirements.

Partners: Sage, QSSI, Infor, Quickbooks, NetSuite, SAP, Mercury Gate, Oracle, Accellos, Micro. Dynamics

Here is our unique implementation process

Smart Systems uses a 4 step approach when implementing supply chain software. Our implementation plan is based off of your unique requirements to run more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

• Scoping Session – Goals, needs, unique configure requirements
• Implementation proposal – Detailed implementation schedule that aligns with your business operations
• Configure requirements – Our functional experts work with your staff to configure the proper hardware, software, and scanning devices
• Training – All related departments are trained to be proficient on the new supply chain software requirements

Our team continually tests the configured requirements throughout the 4 step process. Our goal is to implement your supply chain system to run efficiently. We ensure efficiency through onsite training for all departments. Our attention is focused on making sure that your staff will be proficiently adapted to performing all of the configured requirements. Finally, we will provide ongoing training, quarterly reviews, and future improvements.