Smart Systems LLC provides Accounting Services for Your Business by expert advisors and experienced accounting professionals.

Accounting Services for Your Business

Solutions for Accounting:

Payroll – Accounting Services for Your Business

With such a large number of variable parts in individual pay calculations, finance administration is a standout amongst the most furious monetary exercises of your business. Add to it the migraines and the quantity of worker hours that you/you’re bookkeeping group puts in, makes it an asset debilitating and cost concentrated movement.

Our completely adaptable finance bookkeeping administrations pads you against every one of these bothers, and gives you a chance to concentrate on your center business action. Our administrations deal with finance computations, pay articulations, charge filings, reward estimation, get-away/wiped out pay accumulations, stipends, propel installments, therapeutic recompenses, finance administration reports and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Invoice Processing – Accounting Services for Your Business

Smart Systems LLC provides the best software for invoice processing and scanning that provides high accuracy in real-time.

• Creating e-invoicing receipts
• Purchase order matching to invoices
• Scanning all paper invoices
• Validation of all data
• All transaction Logged
• Creating supplier invoices for PO receipts
• Handling cashing & Checking

Financial – Accounting Services for Your Business

Smart Systems BPO’s expert financial accountants are a low cost and highly effective way to meet all company growth goals. Our accounting experts will evaluate all your accounting needs and come up with a plan and process to meet those needs, including:

• Health reports of financial status
• Order processing
• Financial reporting: AR, AP, GL, cash flow, bank reconciliation, petty cash
• Financial closing: Asset assessment, P&L, balance sheet, etc.
• Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual closing financial reports
• Budgeting and cash forecasting

Legal Accounting Services

Our persistently created multidisciplinary scientific bookkeeping administrations not just distinguish and dispose of bookkeeping cheats and different abnormalities, additionally help you devise forms to keep any such future events. Our legal bookkeeping administrations include:

• Consistent bookkeeping evaluations
• Investigation of Regulatory laws
• Discovering interviews
• Examinations by Special council
• Checking for shrouded fake bookkeeping designs
• Anti-defilement request
• Verifying electronic data
• Reviewing informant claims
• Verifying genuineness of books of records by social affair realities

Our mastery guarantees speedier ID of anomalies, and all the more essentially, guarantees minimum measure of harm to your business notoriety. All our legal bookkeeping administrations accompany a high privacy ensure, with the goal that you can be rest guaranteed while our specialists remove the fakes.

Online – Accounting Services for Your Business

Getting on the web and cutting the physical furthest reaches of business operations is the substance of present day business undertakings, and this stands valid for bookkeeping also. Web based bookkeeping administrations from Smart Systems BPO open-up wide potential outcomes for organizations to improve their bookkeeping forms consistently.

Our web based bookkeeping stage conveys all the bookkeeping administrations by utilizing the best bookkeeping programming like Sage, SAP, QuickBooks, and some more. Our web based bookkeeping arrangements likewise empower quicker basic leadership through constant money related detailing administrations.

Financial Statement Preparation

Stop your stresses amid the furious assessment planning and inspecting season with our exact, auspicious and reasonable money related proclamation arrangement administrations for your budgetary explanations, monetary records, pay articulations and reports.

Our prepared bookkeepers can effectively deal with your money related information and offer you exact monetary reports and explanations that will mirror your budgetary status consistently. Our hands-on bookkeeping learning and in addition fastidious checking can guarantee that you generally settle on the correct choices for your business.

Small Business – Accounting Services for Your Business

The key viewpoint for any startup firm to develop into a huge undertaking is its group’s committed concentration and managed endeavors. This viewpoint makes it required for the center group to not veer off into different business perspectives like bookkeeping.

Smart Systems BPO, with its private company bookkeeping administrations, not just helps organizations chop down their bookkeeping stresses, additionally guarantee that they accomplish speedier business development. As a component of our different statutory and other bookkeeping administrations for independent ventures, we likewise answer their regular questions identified with charges, money related arranging, financial wellbeing status revealing, and other counseling administrations to quick track their bookkeeping forms.

Our independent venture bookkeeping administrations are to a great degree financially savvy and help streamline your bookkeeping forms at an early stage, prompting bother free and versatile bookkeeping framework as your organization develops.

Tax – Accounting Services for Your Business

Streamlining charge bookkeeping, assess documenting, and monetary revealing has become critical nowadays with expanded legislative investigation and other obligatory expense revelations. Charge bookkeeping is a specific and a testing occupation that needs procuring devoted assessment bookkeepers and experts, which can turn out to be a to a great degree exorbitant suggestion for your business.

This is the place our particular expense bookkeeping administrations come into picture. We can without much of a stretch handle all your assessment bookkeeping needs at focused rates, and diminish you from all the pointless bothers. Our bookkeeping and assessment administrations include:

• Monitoring regulatory tax law requirements and changes
• Real-time expense reports and monetary data
• Real-time tax and accounting filing
• Financing and tax accounting coordination

Processing and Preparation

Smart Systems BPO tax outsourcing administrations will handle all your tax preparation and processing. We will calculate and process all of your departments taxes. Smart Systems BPO will provide a reduction in operating expenses while helping increase revenue.

Basic Processing

1 All tax documents are Scanned
2 Tax data is submitted to cloud based interface
3 Tax returns are audited by experts
4 Customer verification
5.Tax filing

State Tax Return Services

• Individual Income
• Charter/Franchise
• Corporation Income
• Intangible & Tangible
• Partnership Income

Tax Preparation Software

• Intuit ProSeries
• Creative Solutions
• Drake
• Intuit Lacerte

Tax Preparation Services

• Balance sheet examination
• Various accounts interpretation
• Form 1040
• P/L items Classification
• Form 1120
• Form 1065


Federal Tax Return Services

• Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
• Partnership Income Taxes
• Individual Income Taxes
• ‘C’ Corporation Income Taxes
• Non-Profit Corporation Taxes
• ‘S’ Corporation Income Taxes
• Fiduciary Income Taxes

Smart Systems BPO – Advantages

• Federal income tax returns
• 65% cost reduction compared to all competition
• Increased stability
• All Tax software support
• tax return e-Filing
• Real-time turnarounds
• Management of tax compliance
• FTP/ASP technology
• Experienced
• US individual tax return
• Tax outsourcing services

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