Are you prepared to improve your IT workforce by implementing training courses? With more than 15 years of training experience, Smart Systems BPO can help you with all training needs. Also, we offer software training for many of the top supply chain and accounting providers.

Smart Systems BPO takes pride in offering customized training projects for all departments. Projects are regularly altered to meet customer IT needs, specialized projects, desktop applications, and software implementation. Our implementation experts are available for online or in person training globally.

IT Training Services

1.     Work Readiness

We find that many companies experience a skills learning curve for many IT positions. We have found over the years that it takes on an average of 4 to 6 months for employee skills to be project ready. Most companies find that the lack of specific IT skills can drive up operating expenses. Our corporate IT training program can be customized to ensure new IT employees have the required skills to increase productivity.

2.    Skills Improvement

Our skills improvement programs will help employees with any new software versions, or updates. Our skills improvement training helps your team to stay updated on the latest technology in order to meet any IT deadline.

3.    Project Preparatory

Do your IT teams lack the necessary skills to take up the next project? Our functional expert training is what you may need. First, we understand the specific skills needed for your upcoming projects, and then create a program to specifically train the necessary skill set. Our training courses are customized skill enhancement programs that focus only on raising the capabilities of your employee skills resources to complete the project on time.

4.    Certification

Our expert functional trainers can provide a certified skills course for IT employees. We can set up customized training programs for many software programs: NetSuite, QSSI, Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, SAP, Java, etc. We can also create mock tests to ensure that your IT employees are ready to complete certification course.

Why US for Corporate IT Training?

Smart Systems BPO provides IT training programs for national and global companies. Please see some of the reasons why our clients request us to set up programs to train their employees.

·       Cost-effective Solutions

Our IT training courses are set up for small start-ups to global enterprise at cost-effective budgets. Our training solutions are based on improving employee skill set along while meeting budgetary objectives.

·       Customized Training

Our corporate training courses are objective driven and sometimes call for customization during preparation to implement new software modules. Our customized training courses are meant to help companies meeting project deadlines.

·       Experienced and Certified Trainers

We have experienced and certified trainers for all software administration requirements: NetSuite, QSSI, Sage, Intuit – Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Java, SAP, and so forth – This makes our trainers proficient and objective driven.

·       Post-training Support

We offer post-training support in order to make sure that employees maintain a desired level of proficiency.  Our post-training also helps keep employee skills up to date on new software releases.

Corporate Staffing

Are you interested in expert staff while reducing operating expenses? Smart Systems BPO offers experienced staffing services. We help our clients to locate the staff they need most. Smart Systems BPO has experts ready to assist companies that are interested in temporary, temporary to direct and direct hire openings.

Temporary Staffing

Smart Systems BPO provides many advantages when hiring temporary employees. We find that hiring temporary employees can lower operational expenses for a company. We can provide short-term assistance help that can also help to automate any manual process.  We can also help if your company has a vacancy due to temporary leave. Our experienced temporary employees are great options and can become permanent.

Direct to Hire Staffing

Hiring managers like to test-drive a candidate before making a long-term commitment. Smart Systems BPO finds that direct to hire staffing is prefer by many hiring managers. The temporary direct to hire staffing option can be useful for managers. Our clients who choose this option can hire the temporary employee without expensive penalties.

Direct Hire Staffing

Our clients tell us that it is very hard to find qualified skilled employees.  Companies that prefer to use direct-hire placement staffing option are able to take advantage of Smart Systems BPO. One of our expert recruiters can locate and deliver a highly skilled representative to meet your national or global requirements.