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5 Lead-Generation Tips For Your Ecommerce Company



However, as has often been said in priority management, take care of the “big rocks” first, so you’ll be able to fit in the “little rocks” later. With that said, here are five big-picture lead generation strategies to help grow your ecommerce business.

1. Search-engine optimize.

SEO is among the most popular and effective lead-generation strategies for online business. While there are many different aspects to SEO — from schema markup to backlinks — search needs to be your primary focus. This means investing heavily in content marketing.

Great content boosts your visibility, in search. This, in turn, generates more traffic to your website. Once you have visitors on your site, you can encourage them to contact you through a 1-800 number, or incentivize them to join your email list to receive regular news and updates.

Content marketing is a powerful tool for attracting quality leads, and that’s important, because lead generation shouldn’t merely be a numbers game. You want to build trust with the customers who offer the highest lifetime value.
If your website isn’t yet mobile-friendly, that’s another area you need to tackle immediately. Implement responsive design and make your site easy to scan and navigate.

2. Build your email list.

Ecommerce businesses need to be proactive about collecting email addresses from website visitors. This doesn’t mean just putting up a subscription form in the sidebar and waiting for people to sign up. It means incentivizing visitors and giving them a reason to join.

If your target customers are looking for information related to the product you’re selling, you can entice users with ebooks or webinars and explain the benefits and recommended usage of your product. You can offer free shipping or discounts on their first order.

Giving away something of value gives visitors a reason to join, and discounts and free shipping give them a reason to order. If some subscribers don’t take advantage, you can send them gentle reminders letting them know that they haven’t confirmed their order yet.

It’s also worth experimenting with more aggressive methods, such as pop-ups, to collect emails. Used responsibly, they can be quite effective.

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3. Optimize your home page.

Your home page is among the most visited, and most important pages, on your website. If you want to make a great first impression, it needs to be optimized. You will leave a lot of business on the table if you don’t take the time to organize, clean the clutter and place important elements above the fold.
Here are several items to address:

  • Navigation: It should be easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website. Make your navigation customer-friendly.
  • Signup forms: Create opportunities for your visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.
  • Content: Make it clear where visitors can go to find how-to guides and tutorials, and learn more about your offers.
  • Calls to action: Include several powerful calls-to-action to get visitors to act. Get them to contact you, subscribe to your email list, download a lead magnet or buy a product now.
  • Products: Organize your products and make them easily scannable. Also, optimize your checkout process, as your cart-abandonment rate will go through the roof if you don’t make it easy to buy — whether on a desktop computer, smartphone or other device.

4. Leverage word-of-mouth.

It’s often said that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. As one customer refers your business to another, word begins to spread that you offer a great product or experience.
There are some basic things you can do to create a great customer experience. You can deliver products quickly, you can send customers flattering emails after purchases, you can follow up with them by phone to confirm shipment and so on.

But these items are a mere starting point, since customers today practically expect this level of service. To really harness the power of word-of-mouth, you’ll need to do something more. For example, you could offer discounts to customers that refer friends to your website. Incentivizing referral is a great way to spread the word about your business.

5 Lead Generation Strategies That Work For Ecommerce Vendors

If you want to have a high ecommerce lead generation rate, then you should start by looking at how the best in the industry go about it. Find out how high converting ecommerce sites like Zappos, Schwan’s, and Woman Within have always managed to turn large numbers of their visitors into long term customers.
Of course, there must be a secret, and it is employing effective ecommerce lead generation strategies. There is no doubt that if you are able to grasp the following five of these strategies and use them with good website lead generation software, you will significantly change the numbers on your ecommerce site.

#1. Go after the emails of newcomers

When you visit the established ecommerce sites, you will realize that they take email collection very serious. The people behind them understand getting the emails of new visitors is the best ecommerce lead generation tool for establishing long lasting contacts.

To get them, sometimes takes more than just providing an email form through website lead generation software. People are not always free to give out their email addresses especially when there is nothing to gain from it. Some ecommerce sites give special deals to entice newcomers to put their email address on the ecommerce lead generation email list.

Roaman’s, for instance gives free shipping coupon for every first time registrants on their site. Another brand that uses the same ecommerce lead generation strategy is Woman Within. This has worked for these brands and they remain popular with shoppers.

#2. Display on your site and serve with 1-800 number

Using 1-800 to serve customers creates a good impression that you are committed to serving visitors in all convenient way. If you do a quick check you will understand that some of the most successful ecommerce websites have this number clearly displayed and it is a valuable ecommerce lead generation asset.
However, you should only use this number as ecommerce lead generation strategy if you have already put appropriate mechanism in place to ensure that when a customer dials it, he or she receives prompt and useful customer support. Otherwise, the number will do more harm than good.

Zappos has promoted and used this number as ecommerce lead generation tool and it is a success story for them.

#3. Encourage your customers to “Tell a friend”

There is no better ecommerce lead generation tool than word of mouth. The old marketing means works perfectly online too and some ecommerce sites have adopted it as their ecommerce¬ lead generation strategy.

One good example is Schwan’s. They offered a $10 discount for a $60 worth of purchase to a customer who introduces a friend to the site. The introduced friend does not go empty handed. He or she receives a 20% discount for their first purchase.

#4. Use pop-ups to gather information and establish contact

Ecommerce sites have also found pop ups as useful in ecommerce lead generation. Woman Within is the best example of an ecommerce site that has benefited from this strategy. It gets 25% conversion rate from pop-ups alone.

Simple pop-up forms can be useful to collect specific information, which can be used to segment visitors for better customer service.

Pop ups are also handy in introducing customers to the brands social media platforms. Woman Within uses a Facebook Like button pop up to invite customers to its Facebook page. They have accumulated over 107k likes so far. They also give good deals for email signups.

#5. Behavioral targeting

Every customer wants to feel special. Any brand that can personalize lead generation wins the hearts of many. The more personalized an ecommerce lead generation nurturing process is, the more successful it will be.
That is why you need to use a tool that will help you understand your customers in the shortest time possible and customize your ecommerce lead generation process. This is called behavioral targeting and it is highly effective. One of the most efficient website lead generation software is the Padiact. It is effective in helping you obtain an email at the right time using the most appropriate message. The website lead generation software also helps you do A/B testing to find out email forms that will serve you best


In summary, the most successful ecommerce websites use the following strategies together with website lead generation software to generate leads and sales:

1. Make the email collection an important activity and invest in website lead generation software that will help you make the process efficient. Emails are important because they are the surest way to establish contact with a new customer.
2. Use the 1-800 numbers because it will create the best impression on your effort to go the extra mile to serve your customer.
3. Apply pop-ups and use them to connect on social media, give offers, and collect email and other information.
4. Encourage your customers to tell friends about your goods and services. Give them discount and other benefits when they do.
5. Behavioral targeting is important and good website lead generation software will help you achieve this.

6. Develop a unique ecommerce lead generation proposition for both your products and the website. Give your site something they do not find elsewhere.

If all these ecommerce lead generation strategies are done the right way and consistently, then your ecommerce will have no reason not to produce results as Zappos, Schwan’s or Woman Within. It is all about having a strategy and religiously implementing that strategy.

Landon Donovan