Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs come in a variety of forms, from typing numerical and literary data into a spreadsheet to voice-activated online data entry jobs roles. Online Data Entry Jobs task are often outsourced to an individual, or employees are hired through an agency on a task-by-task basis.

Online Data Entry JobsFew qualifications are needed for online data entry jobs roles; you simply need IT skills, a fast typing speed and a strong work ethic. There are many advantages to pursuing a career in online data entry jobs.

Online Data Entry Jobs

  • Online Data Entry Jobs
  • Open-Ended Research Coding
  • Conversion PDF ‘s into text
  • Scanning
  • XML/HTML Coding with DTD Design
  • Order Processing/ Bulk Bill
  • Lead List Making, Internet Research, and Email Mining
  • Remote Verification
  • e-book distributing
  • Conversion and Digitization for Catalogs
  • Manual Online Data Entry Jobs
  • Tabulation, Analysis, and Data Extraction
  • Indexing and Abstracting

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Outsourcing Data Entry Advantages

  • Our experienced online data entry jobs personnel are trained to read and analyze hand-written documents and can retrieve difficult handwriting for customers at an accuracy of 98% 6
  • the client does not give up control over the physical documents, scanned images, or the keyed data. Our clients avoid the cost and delay of having to ship hard copy to us. We can develop a custom template in our system, accelerating project start and reducing cost.
  • Our cloud based online data entry jobs is done using a key-from-image process. Sometimes we are asked to customize to an online data entry jobs project, as well as various recognition technologies. We can us barcode recognition, mark sense (e.g. check boxes), optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Outsourcing your online data entry jobs allows companies to lower operational expenses and infrastructural demands. Companies eliminate software installations, human resource recruitment, IT maintenance, and and training
  • We use customized cloud software and process for data entry. Our experienced data entry department operates under very high standards
  • Our data entry solutions can be used on publishing software, word processors, and database migration. Our data entry solutions are set up to handle any kind of volume