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Does your warehouse work for you?

Our clients tell us that PowerHouseWMS (Warehouse Management Software) is one of the most advanced and customizable WMS platform on the market. QSSI has a huge presence with 3PL companies. PowerHouse WMS puts you in control of your inventory warehouses. The PowerHouse WMS platform also allows you to have flexibility while allowing the user to configure the processes to ensure maximum efficiency. 3PL’s will be able to effectively on-board new clients to meet scalability without any restraints.

Allowing 3PL and manufactures is stay current with technology changes to drive productivity is huge focus for PowerHouse WMS software.

PowerHouse WMS Facts:

  • PowerHouseWMS has all of the functionality you would expect from a Tier-1 WMS
  • Improves WMS process including; cycle counting, receiving, task interleaving, yard management, replenishment, truck building, order processing, cross docking, directed put away, shipping, reporting and much more.
  • Any size and type of business can swiftly configure PowerHouseWMS in real-time to meet changing business needs.

Is one of your goals this year to grow? PowerHouseWMS is the enterprise class warehouse management system that makes your warehouse work for you.




When it comes to warehouse management needs, manufacturers experience the same challenges as finished goods distributors, including the need to control inventory from receipt through shipment and the optimization of resources. Controlling raw materials, setting up work cells, manufacturing runs, and receiving finished goods and inventory reconciliation are additional challenges—and PowerHouse is equipped to handle them all, enabling manufacturing companies to more efficiently manage production operations.

PowerHouseWMS has these manufacturing-specific features:

• Configurable Production Cells
• Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems
• Multi-level Bill of Materials
• Kit Building
• Automated Raw Materials Replenishment
• Automated Lot Assignment & Receiving

The Production Module that is built into PowerHouseWMS provides companies with a manufacturing execution solution to accept and process work orders. With the ability to manage multiple work cells, assign lots, automate raw materials deliveries and the receipt of finished goods, the Production Module effectively extends your WMS solution to the production floor, enabling your manufacturing operation to be fully integrated with your overall warehouse operations—improving through-put, materials tracking and visibility.

Additional key features include:

• Configurable Production Cells
• Raw Materials Lot Traceability
• Capacity Driven Materials Replenishment
• Consumption Based Replenishment
• Multi-Level BOMs
• Lot & Date Code Assignment
• Automated Receiving Processes
• Inventory Reconciliation
• Product Labeling



PowerHouseWMS has the flexibility, configurability and robust features that third party logistics providers need to manage many different business types. The system allows you to perform the four most critical aspects of 3PL service:

  • Quickly adapt to client requirements
  • Collaborate with supply chain partners
  • Maximize resources
  • Deliver on-time

Meeting demanding challenges head-on, PowerHouse provides real-time enterprise wide visibility and benchmark functionality. Industry-centric functions for apparel, foods, pharmaceuticals, automotive and publishing, as well as pick and pack, bulk handling and user-configurable process flows enable you to meet new business opportunities with confidence.

With a design focus on agility, PowerHouse allows for rapid deployment and easy adaptation to diverse business requirements. As needs change, you can incorporate new service offerings and respond to customers quickly. With capabilities to address any fulfillment requirement, your business becomes more attractive to current and potential clients.

Additional key features include:

  • Multi-Owner, Multi-Warehouse Enabled
  • Profile Based Billing of Activities, Storage, Periodic and Accessorial Charges
  • System Directed Value Added Services
  • Industry Tailored Functionality: Apparel, Publishing, Pharmaceuticals and more
  • Kit Building with Multi-level BOM
  • Quality Inspection and Holds
  • Integrated Transportation Management
  • Returns Processing
  • Business Integration: ASN’s, EDI, B2B & B2C, ERP and Accounting Systems
  • Scalable to Any Size Business
  • Flexible User Configurable Business Rules Put You in Control


PowerHouseTMS is a fully integrated transportation management solution within PowerHouseWMS that extends your control beyond the warehouse. 

 If you’re looking to simplify and further optimize warehouse operations with a fully integrated transportation management solution, PowerHouseTMS is the answer. With all the essential features located in one platform, you’ll seamlessly build an efficient, revenue generating transportation solution.


Add PowerHouseTMS to our Tier-1 WMS to simplify packing and shipping. You’ll have access to everything you need in one program, including notifications and tracking applications with the tools to print shipping labels, calculate freight, and choose the most cost-effective shipping and distribution methods for your business.


PowerhouseTMS comes with a number of key components: Big Data Intelligence, Transportation Optimization, and Sourcing Visibility will allow you to review detailed analytics, orchestrate an intelligent transportation plan, and make sourcing decisions backed by advanced data collection. The ShipLinx/RateLinx Dashboard offers collective management capabilities for inter-modal, parcel, less-than-truckload, air shipments, and more.


It’s all here. PowerHouseTMS simplifies the challenges of creating an intelligent transportation network.

• Certified domestic & international small parcel rating
• TL & LTL Bill Of Lading generation
• Generic Carrier rating, labeling, and electronic manifest
• Unlimited locations and carrier account numbers
• Parcel Tracking and Delivery Monitoring
• Process to Hold / Future Shipping
• UPS World Ease / International & Hazardous Documents
• Anywhere to anywhere rating for LTL and Parcel
• Rate Shopping by lowest rate and time-in-transit



eCommerce companies need features tailored to their market. Accurate inventory control and rapid fulfillment are the crucial success factors in this industry, due to the customers’ expectation when making a purchase through eCommerce sales channels that the goods they receive will be exactly what they ordered, and that they will receive it quickly.

In addition to the advanced WMS functionality needed to optimize warehouse operations, PowerHouse has these eCommerce-specific features:

• Integration to eCommerce Shopping Carts
• Ship-For, Bill-To (Drop Ship) functions
• Real-time Inventory Updates
• Customized Packing Lists
• Special Services , such as gift wrapping
• Transportation & Parcel Tracking

Because shopping cart integration is a major key to your success as an eCommerce company, we have made sure that PowerHouseWMS supports the most popular shopping carts and can be easily integrated with your provider. Even orders coming in from multiple shopping cards can be integrated within the system for immediate fulfillment. WMS integration also enables available-to-sell quantities that reflect real-time inventory levels to be posted in the shopping cart, eliminating possible backorders or out of stock situations.

Additional key features include:

• Scalable capacity for any size business
• 3PL Enabled for Multiple Owners
• Updates Shopping Cart Site with Available to Order
• Supports Pick & Pack with Special Instructions
• Shipment Confirmation Emails with Tracking Numbers
• User Configurable Process Flows



Returns can be a headache if not managed properly. As a critical product life cycle phase, the need to support reverse logistics is not only important, it can be an opportunity to capture additional revenues that would have been lost without the proper supportive systems. Whether your company manages the distribution of its own products or outsources logistical services to a 3PL, the ability to provide return services is fully dependent upon the capabilities of your WMS. PowerHouse provides the ability to process all types of returns with high speed modules—some even with specialized functions for goods such as apparel, publishing, spirits, and more.

One of the first steps of the process is usually creation of Return Materials Authorizations (RMAs) which can be accomplished through PowerHouse. Integration touch points also support EDI, ASN and other forms of notification.

Once the goods are returned, PowerHouse provides process controls to move goods back to available inventory or as needed. Disposition of goods may require returns to the manufacturer, refurbishment, placing items back into inventory, disposal or many other paths. The WMS allows for the items to be easily inducted and assigned conditions that will enable system-directed moves to process the inventory efficiently.

Additional key features include:

• RMA Creation & Processing automates returns
• High volume returns processing provides capacity
• Quality Inspection ensures product standards
• Grading enables discrete inventory tracking
• System directed disposition guides operators
• Reverse Logistics push products back to market
• Recycling/Green Initiatives ensure returns are dealt with safely




We understand the specific challenges that the distribution of apparel and footwear present. That’s why we have built apparel-centric functionality into PowerHouse—to meet the unique need to manage multi-dimensional products sold through multiple distribution channels. The system optimizes inventory control and product visibility, allowing you to manage inventory at both the SKU level and via style/color/size.

Flexible inventory tracking is a feature that you can’t do without in the apparel industry. You may receive material in the warehouse in a configuration such as pieces per case or GOH, but the shipment receiver requires a different configuration. PowerHouse provides the ability to manage multiple pack configurations to meet these customer requirements.

PowerHouseWMS provides additional features to satisfy customer-specific needs:

Value Added Services:

Configure PowerHouse to direct activities, and capture labor and transaction history to be used for 3PL billing and performance metrics.


Trading partners have come to expect detailed Advance Shipping Notifications, compliance documentation and labels. PowerHouse leverages EDI solutions to give your customers the information and documentation they require.

Multi-Channel Distribution:

Manage fulfillment to your own stores, trading partners, department stores, online orders or through other distribution channels with the distribution and fulfillment processes built into PowerHouse.

Additional key features include:

  • VAS transactions present revenue opportunities
  • System directed VAS improves productivity
  • VAS reporting facilitates client accountability
  • Inbound VAS can be enabled to move products directly from receiving to processing, eliminating excess handling
  • VAS can be directed at any point in the warehouse life cycle
  • 3PL providers can offer a greater range of services, making them more attractive to potential customers



If you are involved in either the food or pharmaceutical industry or both, you know how complex the regulations are, and how strict requirements mandate that detailed lot and date tracking information must be maintained throughout the entire product lifecycle. Managing all of the aspects of lot and product transaction history can be costly and difficult—without the right systems in place.

PowerHouseWMS is fully equipped to meet the most demanding compliance challenges, whether the products you manage are governed by the FDA, USDA, CPSC or others. The system allows you to access detailed information regarding the pedigree and disposition of any inventory that passes through your distribution center, and provides the ability to immediately respond to product recalls with detailed transaction accounting, inventory status and shipment histories.

Food and drug-specific features:

• Flexible Lot and Date Control
• FIFO, FEFO and User Defined Picking Rules
• Shipment Date Threshold Management
• User Defined Process Flows
• Catch Weight Functionality
• Change Control & Security
• On-Demand Recall Reporting
• Validation Ready
• Reduces Compliance Related Costs

With a PowerHouse solution, you can position your company to implement the systems, procedures and controls that are vital to a successful and efficient pharmaceutical or food distribution service.