QuickBooks – Intuit 


QuickBooks Online Accountant

Access at anytime

You will have the ability to work with the books right from your dashboard at any time of the day

Auto Notifications

You will be able to access your clients accounting data while being notified in realtime.

Team Building

Your team will be able to find any clients while having controlled acces

Workflows Single View

Your team will be set accounting tasks with ease while calculating tax in a single view

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Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to software that companies use to manage customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. The main objective is to track the business relationships. The other main goal is to increase customer retention while driving sales growth.

CRM software compiles data on customers across multiple marketing channels while providing points of contact between the company and the client. In depth data points about the company are also provided: direct mail, live chat,  website, telephone, marketing, and social media.

CRM’s can also be configured to provide even more in formation about the customer: purchase history, personal information, buying preferences and concerns.