Solutions Provider

We are a supply chain and financial solutions provider. We are business application experts who deliver complete cloud computing solutions, from selling licenses to implementation and support. As solution providers we have demonstrated accounting, ERP, and IT infrastructure expertise delivered with proven methodologies that ensure your success. As a solution provider our vision is helping medium to enterprises companies run their businesses better.

Customer Retention

Some companies spend more money on customer acquisition because they view it as the best way of generating revenue. We find that helping our clients with customer retention often is faster and, on average, costs up to seven times less than customer acquisition.

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach focuses on the customer’s needs.

We start with a discovery call to identify company needs through an effective series of questions that allow the custom to define their business needs achieve their revenue growth plan.

We use our unique supply chain industry experience to formulate a mutual action plan that will meet and exceed our clients goals.

Our consultative approach to solving our clients needs requires our team to provide immediate feedback whenever requested

Our process ensures that both parties are communicating and understanding each other effectively.


Customization is when you make changes to the core of the system (code base or platform) in order to tweak how some features behave. It can be a user interface change or addition of another language or adding automation routines, etc. Customization is done to improve the Enterprise software to satisfy your exact needs.

Financing Options

Preserving capital has been a top priority for our customers. However, they like to realize all the benefits that a NetSuite solution can bring to a fast growing organization. Most customers have lines of credit with their existing banks. We provide hassle free alternative to our customers by customizing a lease solution working with our financial partners. This helps to preserve existing lines of credit for other needs. Also, this will ensure that our customers can get world class solution implemented in timely fashion.

Industry Integrations

We have integrated with some of the most recognizable ecommerce platforms. Our goal is to make data sharing as simple as possible.

Simply let us know what platforms your data is stored and we will build out the necessary connectors in order to have your data in one unified business system.

Supply Chain Education

Learn what analysts say about supply chain and accounting products. Also, see and the latest industry trends and topics by reading one of our partners white papers.

Quote Pricing

Our supply chain software and accounting pricing starts with choosing a product for configuration. We also provide customization add-on modules coupled with the total amount of users. Our software standard license pricing can be billed monthly or one time.

Our software solutions have advanced modules that are available on a case-by-case need. We simply add them to your standard platform license. We also allow you to add users as needed on fly based on your quarterly growth plans.